Plásticos Gamón expands its portfolio of cardboard and compostable products.

The cardboard and compostable pyrotechnic products are a sustainable response to the traditional pyrotechnics industry, which seeks to reduce the environmental impact of fireworks.

The main characteristics that can be described are:

  1. Cardboard as the base material: Cardboard pyrotechnic products use recyclable or biodegradable cardboard as their main structural component. Cardboard is strong and safe, which allows the creation of packaging and containers for pyrotechnic effects. In addition, cardboard can be decorated and customised with attractive and colourful designs to create an impressive visual experience during the show.
  2. Compostability: Compostability refers to the ability of pyrotechnic products to break down into safe organic compounds once they are disposed of. This significantly reduces the amount of pyrotechnic waste that ends up in landfills, which is beneficial to the environment. Active components, such as explosives, are often replaced by biodegradable materials or even compounds that decompose quickly in the soil.
  3. Safe operation: Cardboard and compostable pyrotechnics are designed to be as safe as traditional pyrotechnics. Strict safety regulations and standards are followed to ensure the protection of people and the environment. The main difference lies in the composition of the materials, which is more environmentally friendly.
  4. Variety of effects: These products can offer a wide range of pyrotechnic effects, such as lights, colours, sparks, smoke and sound effects. Designers can be creative in the presentation of fireworks displays using cardboard and compostable products, providing an exciting visual and auditory experience.
  5. Pollution reduction: By using compostable and recyclable materials, soil and water pollution caused by traditional pyrotechnic waste, which often contains toxic chemicals, is reduced. This helps to preserve the quality of the environment and protect public health.At Plásticos Gamón, we continue to work in collaboration with our customers with a mentality focused on creating innovative products that respect the environment and health.Plásticos Gamón Team.