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logo-pyrolamasAfter all these years, we at Gamon detected a gap in coverage on the setup elements for the Pyro Shows. There is a wide catalogue of products on the market, customized for each one. On a globalised market where products from such different manufacturers are available, we found the need of a system that could work for many of them and to adapt to any setup possible, and that lead us to work and a new design under this basis.

Therefore, we started a wide study on the actual Pyro reality and its problems under the setup structures for single shoots and similar (gerbs, jets, flames, etc.)

The keys for this research were:


On the market, there are a few products, some of them based on cylindrical tubes and others with a foot for stability.

PyroLamas system adapts to any type of Pyrotechnic product, whether sliding them into the channel provided or by using the X Holder that holds the tubes form any manufacturer.


Reality teaches us that shows are set up from products from different manufacturers and not only one of them.

The new PyroLamas system is made with high quality reinforced aluminium profiles that assemble toeach other and include a channel where to slide the tubes to use.
With these profiles, flat or curved bases can be arranged, also with angles to make 3D effect 360º.

If using other systems means storing such a few racks for any different setup and that leads to a lot of space and investment if a company wants to be able to apply for the huge quantity of venues possible.

PyroLamas system, as a multi setup idea, gets rid of storing different racks by substituting them for a single model profile that will adapt to a any rack configuration.


AS the profiles are easy dismantle and stackable, the volume and cost for storing reduces to minimum.

Reinforced aluminium provides durability under the most hostile environments, its weatherproof and just need an easy cleaning after use.

PyroLamas can be used as a curved rack, flat, single or assembled, no system is as flexible as ours.


PyroLamas system is available around the world, customers from the Whole Europe, North, Central and South America, Australia, Japan etc, are using already our system. Strategical distributors located in Portugal, The Netherlands, Germany and US supply also these elements including teaching courses and personal advice for the final customer.